Today was our very last workshop of the school year! 

This marked the 170th ShoutOut workshop since September. 


170 workshops

5000 school students

67 secondary schools

17 counties

Delivered by 65 trained volunteers


This represents over 1000 working hours from our workshop facilitators and the Directorial team, all of whom volunteer their time. 

66% of our workshops took place outside Co. Dublin 

We also trained 150 secondary school teachers on LGBTQ+ issues and how to be ally to their LGBTQ+ students. 

This would not be possible without our fantastic volunteers, the wonderful teachers who welcome us into their schools, and the incredible sponsors who support us. A huge thank you to Fidelity Investments, Oracle, Ulster Bank, Dropbox, Intertech, Lush and all the individual donations which have made the above possible. 

We cannot thank everyone enough. 


Bella, Clare, Declan & Eoin