Loads of Volunteers Trained


  1. The atomic number of cadmium.
  2. The number of Ptolemaic constellations.
  3. The total number of minutes in an NBA game.


Yes, 48 is a magic number....It also happens to be the number of volunteers that turned up for our first training session for Dublin-based volunteers. Horrah, rejoice, exclaim! Here's a sample of just two of those noble 48 who will be delivering the workshop across schools in Ireland. We wish them luck.



Noble Volunteer #. 1

Hey all, I'm Muireann and I'm 23 years old. I just finished college last year and lived and worked in San Francisco for the Summer. Volunteering with ShoutOut is something I enjoy doing because as a young gay person I think that it is important to be visible. I went to a school where there was absolute silence about gay issues and I just didn't feel comfortable to  come out. It's of great value to have the chance to chat to students and give them the space to talk about or ask questions about LGBTQ  issues. I've already done two workshops with ShoutOut and can't wait to do more.

Irish schools now must have a policy about homophobic bullying


As reported in The Journal: Cyberbullying and homophobic bullying policies now mandatory for schools

The Department of Education has published new anti-bullying procedures to replace guidelines that have been in place since 1993. The Department of Education has published new anti-bullying procedures that are required to be adopted... Following consultation with parents and students, each school must develop its own individual policies before publishing them on the school’s website.

We applaud this much-needed policy change and look forward to delivering even more workshops this school year as secondary schools work to integrate the new policy framework into their school communities.

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Bullies: My SHOUT OUT Story

YouTube celeb James Mitchell of JamesMitchellTV caught Shout Out on Facebook and as he says:

Now naturally because I'm such a self-centered person, all I could think of automatically was "Oh my God, why don't I share my school experience with everyone?" Get the tissues, we're going to have a teenaged moment: nobody understands meeee! But actually I think because of social media and online communities like YouTube, Twitter and Tumblr, I think a lot of you watching will understand me, and will feel better knowing that somebody actually got through it.

No need to grab a hankie, but great to watch anyway: Bullies: My SHOUT OUT Story.