ShoutOut @ The Lush Summit 2018!

Well don't we feel like the luckiest of ducks! Last week we got to attend the infamous Lush Summit in London. 

Lush has been the most incredible supporter of ShoutOut for years and years! In the Henry Street and Graphton street branches they regularly sell their Charity Pots with the funds going to ShoutOut. We've made a lot of school visits purely because of the support from Lush and we couldn't be more grateful!


So how excited were we to go to the gathering of the campaigns and initiatives that Lush support (and some exclusive Lush products to boot!). Near the Tower of London we entered this vegan nirvana, and met the most incredible people!


Finding ourselves very at home in the "Queer Cafe" we got to chat to some of the amazing people behind Mermaids, a group supporting families of trans people. We then attended a talk from Bisi Alimi about the nature of homophobia in Nigeria, the staunchly held gender roles, and the wonders of love. 


After a vegan burrito we were fuelled to hear more! But we were invariable starstuck by meeting (and hugging!) Mara Keisling, the founder and executive director of the National Centre for Transgender Equality in the US. She spoke about trans rights in the US, and about Lush's campaign in support of trans rights. 


Well, then we charged our phone by riding a stationary bike, a few more vegan snacks and back into the fold! 

Next we hear from PROUD from the Czech republic who advocate on behalf of LGBT seniors, something which is sadly often overlooked. We heard from Louise Hooper who literally wrote the book on LGBT refugees and spoke about the invasive way refugees are asked to "prove" their gender identity and/or sexual orientation to be granted refugee status. 

Humbled and mind thoroughly blown we returned to Ireland to continue our work in educating young people and those who work with young people, to take the "?" out of LGBTQIA.