ShoutOut's Pride Tour!

Here at ShoutOut we're absolutely bananas about workshops!

If there's a group of people sitting near us we are liable to start some ice-breaking games out of nowhere! So despite giving 349 (!!!!!) school workshops this school year we just couldn't help ourselves and thought; sure, will we just give some more workshops so? 

Pride Tour Poster (1).png

So we hit the road, to give our popular ABCs of LGBT workshop to youth workers, social workers and parents/guardians in locations around Ireland!

We teamed up with local organisations to host these talks and it was so great to meet these amazing activists from around the country. 

We worked with Gay Cork Project, Bi+ Ireland, Teach Solais, 8 Rays Leitrim and Donegal Youth Service!



We absolutely could not have done this without the support of Arthur Cox who funded The entire tour! So a huge thank you to Arthur Cox for their amazing support!


If you would like a workshop for your organisation please get in touch! We'd be happy to help!