ShoutOut started 5 years ago as a bunch of friends from college wanting to bring the accepting nature of university into schools. 

Seeing a demand for such a service it was formalised: ShoutOut would deliver workshops in schools to tackle LGBTQ+ bullying. We partnered with the Anti Bullying Council and other organisations to develop the workshop. 

Since then we've created new services: training for teachers, and workshops for parents & guardians. Last year we felt very official as we got our first ever office, in Outhouse on Capel Street. 

The next big milestone for ShoutOut was becoming all Ireland. We partnered with Cara Friend in Northern Ireland and now we offer workshops in 32 counties. 

Over the years we've delivered nearly 500 workshops to students: that's 15000 students who have heard the message that it's OK to be who you are, and it's never OK to bully anyone. 

Now we help workplaces become more accepting too: with our corporate workshops we can help create welcome workplaces for LGBTQ+ employees. 

The journey has been amazing. Just today our volunteers delivered 7 workshops in two schools! 

Today we're reflecting because we've finally become an officially charity! It's a new era for ShoutOut! We're so happy to have our beautiful Registered Charity Number: 20141769 - look at it! It's georgeous!

We'll continue to give workshops to schools whenever we're needed no matter where on the Island of Ireland.