Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment in your workplace is key to ensuring that everyone can perform to their best ability. We'll help you to facilitate the learning and understanding needed to achieve these aims.


Your employees gain important knowledge about LGBTQ issues, allowing for greater understanding and boosting team bonding.


Offering our workshops acts a key incentive for hiring, showing that your organisation is open and accepting of all employees.


ShoutOut is a not-for-profit, so the proceeds from your workshop allow us to provide workshops to twelve schools.

Workshops Available

The ABCs

An in-depth overview of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. We provide a safe space for people to ask questions and get informed, and we show how small things can make a big difference for LGBTQ+ employees and demonstrate these via scenarios. We finish with an "Ask Anything" Q&A session. Everyone can learn something here.

Length: 90 minsParticipants: up to 40 Organise this workshop

Parents &

These workshops are 90 minutes in length and cover the most commonly asked questions parents have about LGBTQ+ issues. Whether your child is LGBTQ+ or not, they will likely have friends and families members who are and we recommend being informed.

Length: 90 minsParticipants: up to 40 Organise this workshop
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Why choose ShoutOut?

We are Ireland's largest provider of LGBTQ+ workshops to schools, which we have been providing since 2012. Our volunteers travel around the country to give participants information and ask questions concerning LGBTQ+ related issues, and to address issues of bullying and discrimination in schools and workplaces.

Our workshops cover a range of issues, and are at the forefront of LGBTQ+ teaching by adapting to recent research and current affairs. The content included has also been reviewed by related organisations including DCU, Foroige, and TENI to ensure all issues are covered and treated accurately and sensitively.