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Workshop For Students

The ShoutOut Student Workshop is an interactive, dynamic and informatice hour-long session where the facilitators explore LGBTQ+ terminology, scenarios where students can act as good allies, and ways in which to create a welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ students.

We also share our own stories, of coming out, or becoming allies ourselves, and explain how some language and behaviour during our time in school could be hurtful, and when it was supportive.

Fill out the form opposite to request a workshop and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Workshop For Teachers

The ShoutOut Workshop for Teachers is an information session which lasts 1 hour where we explore sexuality, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression in order to empower teachers to be allies to their LGBTQ+ students. We deliver these workshops in the school for free. The ShoutOut Workshop for Teachers is one hour long and available to any school which requests it.

Any school hoping to get advice pertaining to a specific trans student or students is advised to contact TENI; Transgender Equality Network Ireland, first as they are best able to advise and advocate on behalf of trans students. Schools are of course welcome to seek advice from both TENI and ShoutOut.

To book a Workshop for Teachers, or for further information, please email

Workshop For Parents & Guardians

ShoutOut also provides workshops for Parents & Guardians which normally take place via a school or through our Corporate Workshops. These workshops are 1 hour in length and cover the most commonly asked questions parents have about LGBTQ+ issues. Whether your child is LGBTQ+ or not, they will likely have friends and families members who are and we recommend being informed.

To book a Workshop for Parents & Guardians or for further information please email

Capacity-Building Workshops for Youth Workers, Social Workers, and others

ShoutOut is able to provide training for anyone who works with young people. If you feel you and your colleagues would benefit from a better understanding of the ABC's of LGBTQ+, then please get in touch, we are happy to help. We offer training packages tailored to your needs.


ShoutOut is completely volunteer run and self financing. Our work wouldn't be possible without the support of schools. If your school is in a position to make a small donation after receiving a workshop then please do so by clicking the button below or by talking to you ShoutOut facilitator on the day . If not, don't worry, donations are in no way a pre-requisite to receiving a workshop.


"So positive, and enthusiastic, and professional, but approachable, honest and kind towards my girls."

Teacher, St. Mary's in Arklow

"A fully comprehensive, understandable explanation of the ABCs of LGBTQIA, useful for anyone who works with young people."

Tigala, the Independent Guardian Ad Litem Agency

"Thanks a mill for visiting my school, Ardscoil La Salle. The feedback from the students was brilliant. They said it was the best workshop they received this year."

Teacher, Ardscoil La Salle in Raheny