ShoutOut Structure

ShoutOut is a reigstered charity (Registered Charity Number: 20141769) which has been operating since 2012. We received our Charity status in 2017. 

ShoutOut is governed by the Board of Directors which is led by the chairperson, Declan Meehan. We have a paid staff force of 1 person, the Managing Director, Aifric Ní Chríodáin and a voluntary executive team.

ShoutOut has a volunteer community of over 200 people across the Island of Ireland. The volunteers are key stakeholders in ShoutOut and the end of every school year are surveyed and the feedback is one of the main focuses when consider changes for the following school year. 

A member of the voluntary executive team is appointed volunteer wellfare office and their role is to ensure the wellfare of all of our volunteers. 


ShoutOut produces an annual report in August of every year which covers our activities including number of workshops complete, number of students reached and numbers of teachers trained. As well as this we show our income and expenditure for the previous 12 months. 

The Managing Director reports to the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis. 

Funding & Finances 

ShoutOut is committed to the highest level of governance and transparency. We publish our accounts in our annual report every August. You can read our 2017 annual report by clicking the link above. 

ShoutOut receives no government funding. Our main revenue is from fundraising we carry out ourselves. We are also grateful to receive donations from schools and individuals which are vital for us to do our work. 

We also are delighted to provide corporate workshops to companies which are committed to creating inclusive workplaces for their LGBTQ+ employees. These workshops have allowed us reach more students, particularly in rural schools, than any other year. 

For every 1 euro donated to ShoutOut:

  • 36c is spent on daily operations which includes our rent for our small office in Outhouse, insurance, bank fees, accounting software and ensuring our staff are able to attend occasional training events such as training on Child protection or Governance.

  • 33c is spent on workshops in schools and community centres. Our workshops mainly happen in schools but we also train those who work with young people be they teachers, youth workers or social workers. This covers travel and lunch expenses for our volunteers.

  • 16c is spent on training volunteers across the Island of Ireland.

  • 7c is spent on printing resources and postage (we try when possible to not print and use electronic resources).

  • 4c is spent carrying out Corporate workshops, which is one of our main income streams.

  • 4c is spent meeting other organisations for collaboration, mainly LGBTQ+ and youth focused orgs to discuss the best way to improve the daily lives of young LGBTQ+ people, and internal meetings with the executive team and the board.

Spending Oct 1 2017 to April 1st 2018.JPG