Ensure a welcoming and inclusive environment for your LGBTQ+ employees.

Many people feel they cannot be themselves at work and feel the need to edit themselves because the environment does not feel welcoming: Let's change this. 

We offer two different workshops:

1. The ABC's of LGBTQ+:

An in depth overview of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. We provide a safe space for people to ask questions and get informed, and we show how small things can make a big different for LGBTQ+ employees and demonstrate these via scenarios. We finish off "Ask Anything" Q&A session. Everyone can learn something here. 

2.  Parents & Guardian's workshop

These workshops are 1 hour in length and cover the most commonly asked questions parents have about LGBTQ+ issues. Whether your child is LGBTQ+ or not, they will likely have friends and families members who are and we recommend being informed. 

What others have said:

“The workshop was really worthwhile with the team dispelling common myths, challenging the way our allies thought about scenarios and giving solid guidance on how to be better allies. There was a great balance between personal stories from the facilitators and knowledge and statistics to inform us. I was inundated with feedback from our delegates after the session, it was extremely worthwhile and I wouldn’t hesitate to run more workshops with ShoutOut.”

Barry Mulcahy, Ulster Bank


To book a corporate workshop or to find out more, please email Ed@ShoutOut.ie