200 workshops complete since September!

We have completed 200 school workshops since the start of the school year! We could not be more grateful to the dozens of volunteers who made this possible! Honestly, they each gave up their time to get to a school when they definitely had other things they needed to do, but they chose to do this and we're so so so appreciative! 

These 200 workshops represent hundreds and hundreds of voluntary hours. Most of these workshops were with secondary school students but this also includes the workshops we've done this year with parents and guardians and teachers as our three side approach to creating a safe school environment. 

200 workshops.png

This means we've reached about 6000 young people, across 18 counties, and we're far from done! We still have many workshops coming up next week and loads after the Easter break so watch this space!

If you're a student, parent/guardian, teacher or youth worker and you would like to request a workshop please do not hestitate to contact Bella on bella@shoutout.ie.

Again a huge thank you to all our volunteers!