Meet a ShoutOuter - Ross Hunter


ShoutOut isn't one person, it's dozens and dozen of volunteers! This is how we do so many workshops. It's the beginning of November and we've already 50 workshops this school year!

Ross is one of our most committed volunteers. Learn more about Ross!

Hey guys! I’m Ross, a 21 year old from Meath with a passion for meditation, psychology and most importantly ShoutOut! I’ve been a volunteer for about two years now and I can safely say it has been one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable experiences I’ve had in college!

I remember walking into my first workshop looking like my dog after he’s peed on the new carpet. Thoughts flew through my head “What if they act out?”, “What if they ask me a question I don’t know the answer to?”. My anxieties were soon eased as I was introduced to my partner for the day Conor. Conor was a ShoutOut veteran and all round cool guy. He helped me through my first workshop and gave me all the hints and tips I could ever want. It was bizarre yet liberating sharing my story of coming out with a group of 14 year olds (now it feels like reciting a shopping list!).

I couldn’t help but think that one of those kids could easily have been and just how beneficial I would have found it! What I love most about ShoutOut is the feeling after you finish a workshop (and that’s not just from the free lunch!). You really feel like you have made a difference. Just standing up there, as a LGBT* individual you can be a role model, a voice and that can be a lifeline in itself